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  • Posted On : April 16 2021 03:24 pm
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When talking about a united pressure cooker, you might search for a stainless steel pressure cooker 1 litre, stainless steel pressure cooker 3 litre or a stainless steel pressure cooker 5 litre. Along with this, you might also have searched for a 1 liter pressure cooker price, a pressure cooker 2 litre lowest price and a pressure cooker 5 litre lowest price.

However, have you ever looked up the history of pressure cooker? Before you look for a united cooker 3 litre price or a non-stick cooker price, take some time to explore the history of the pressure cooker.

  • The first attempt at pressure-cooking can be dated back to 1679 when Denis Papin, a French Physicist invented the steam digester. This was his effort towards reducing the time to cook food.
  • After over 100 years of Papin’s discovery in 1795, the French government announced a reward for anyone who could find ways for preserving food supplies for the French armed forces.
  • With this, Nicolas Appert, a French confectioner, developed a canning process. It had food packed in clean jars which were sealed with cork by cooking in boiling water. This method was accepted and he won the prize money.
  • He opened the first commercial cannery with the prize money which, with further advancements and modifications, paved the way for the modern-day pressure cooker we know.
  •  A major step in pressure-cooking was in 1938 when the “Flex-Seal Speed cooker” was introduced by German Alfred Vischler. It was the first saucepan style pressure cooker.
  • After a minor halt in pressure cooker production due to world war and world economic instability, the pressure cooker business moved forward in the 1950s.
  • Stamped aluminium models of pressure cooker were introduced with technological advancements in the fabrication of stainless steel.
  • However, due to inadequate knowledge and technology, pressure-cooking often led to accidents. This proved to be a bit of haze in the pressure cooker craze across the world. However, it was not completely washed away and people still expected betterments in the models of the pressure cooker.
  • With further technological advancements and modifications, the pressure cooker made a strong comeback and to this date, its craze has never subsided. People from all across the world use pressure cooker in their daily cooking. The pressure cooker we know today has been a result of the many efforts that were made in the past.

Before you buy pressure cooker online or look for an induction pressure cooker price, know the history of the pressure cooker. This will make you feel the wonders you can do with a pressure cooker and what made it stand here today.

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