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Featured by United Pressure Cooker Business Connect Magazine

Featured by United Pressure Cooker Business Connect Magazine

  • Posted On : December 02 2019 12:05 pm
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A blend of innovation and technology in your kitchen can give you the scrumptious taste in the cuisines that you cook for your loved ones. United Ekta is an offshoot of the United brothers that was incorporated in 1954. United brothers started a company that was into the manufacturing and marketing of stainless steel products, which later ventured into aluminum pressure cookers under the brand name ‘United’ and became the hallmark product that established itself among the top three brands of pressure cookers.

United Ekta brought the affordable pressure cooker to every household, which soon became a basic necessity. The journey which started with few sizes of inner lid cookers has reached to a level where they have a wide range of the most innovative and latest range of cookers starting from 1 Litre to 32 Litres in Inner lid and up to 40 Litres in outer lid cookers. United Ekta sells some great innovative products such as Smart cooker (3 in 1 cooker); Cibo- X1 and Steel tuff to name a few.

The genesis of the United Ekta lies in bringing transformation through modernization and innovation to the traditional setup. United Ekta brought fresh ideas, products, and new technology to the forefront and the legacy of more than six decades provided a rich experience. Their latest Products are

Cibo X-1:

• Stainless Steel lid: long life & sturdy
• Lead-free Safety Valve:  for healthy cooking
• Inner Marking: for enhanced safety
• Silicone Handles:   Screw-less & unbreakable

Triply Cookware:

• Premium cookware made with special Triply material.
• The aluminum layer sandwiched between 2 layers of Stainless Steel gives efficiency in cooking.
• 304 food-grade stainless steel cooking surface ensures healthy food preparation.

Triply Etching Cookware:

•Cookware for a niche market with nonstick coating on Triply Material.
•Efficient and healthy cooking.
•Induction is compatible.

O’ Bouteille (Vacuum Flasks):

• Made with 304 food-grade Stainless steel material
• Temperature lock for 12 hrs. hot and 24 hrs cold.
• Comes with varied consumer-friendly features e.g. silicone handles, detachable cup and super lightweight.

In 1954, when free India was finding its feet United Family laid the foundation of its first manufacturing unit. With the idea to get established in the market and to sustain for eternity, they understood the need of the market and their responsibility towards the society. This philosophy gave them the strength to take this tough decision at that time to manufacture their own products, and on the other hand, create employment to contribute to the Indian economy.

A motivated workforce and great leadership take the Company to the crescendo. They believe correct people and products, both are equally important for business growth. So they invest in their employees in the same way as they invest in their product. They encourage employee engagement plans at various levels and different incentive plans to keep them motivated. They keep organizing different training programs to ensure the correct knowledge transfer.


United Ekta aims to spread its wings to reach out to every household of India. To fulfill the same, they use vivid ways of marketing. They do newspaper advertisements in the local Hindi bulletins to reach out to tier two to tier three market consumers, at the same time they use social media for the metro city consumers. They were the pioneers of TVC in this category, back in the 1970s and ’80s. The Director states, “The key to success is to keep a constant touch with your consumer and maintain the highest standards of quality.”

Research and Development occupy a pivotal role in growth and advancement. Naved Ashraf says, “We always believe that we have the biggest competition, and we need to improve ourselves at every moment.” Technology has evolved the Indian consumer space to a large extent and to cope up with the increasing expectations you need to keep improving your product line. They have a set of talented designers and technicians working regularly to provide new and improved product lines.