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Parts Of Pressure Cooker

Parts Of Pressure Cooker

  • Posted On : May 31 2019 03:54 pm
  • Posted By : Admin

Before any use user should have proper information of the product especially when it comes about cookware or any pressure cooker. For using a pressure cooker for its best result safety is must. To use a pressure cooker always try to follow the below things:

The Pressure cooker body ought to never be filled more than 66% its ability. This is to defend against obstructing the steam vent/vent tube and to leave enough space to permit steam to course. Certain nourishments, be that as it may, for example, soups and other fluid  sustenances, for example, lentils and rice which extend amid cooking ought not to be stacked more than a large portion of the limit of the cooker body. Dals which sprout, for example, tuvar and moong, ought not to be stacked more than 33% the limit of the cooker. Some important parts of a pressure cooker are:

Pressure Regulator:  The Pressure regulator/controller controls and keeps up 15 pounds of Pressure in the Pressure cooker. This is the perfect cooking Pressure and is acquired when the Pressure controller starts a delicate shaking movement.

Vent Tube: The Pressure regulator/controller fits on the vent tube and permits overabundance Pressure to be discharged.

Lock loop: The air vent/spread bolt naturally "vents" or debilitates air from the Pressure cooker and goes about as a visual sign of Pressure in the Pressure cooker. At the point when the air vent/spread lock is in the up position, there is Pressure in the unit. When it is in the down position, there is no Pressure in the unit.

Pivot: The lock pin, situated on the spread handle, draws in with the air vent/spread lock to keep the spread from being opened when there is Pressure in the unit.

Sealing Ring: The fixing ring fits into the Pressure cooker cover and structures a Pressure tight seal between the spread and the body amid cooking.

Safety Valve: The overpressure fitting is situated in the spread. It will naturally discharge steam on the off chance that the vent funnel gets to be stopped up and Pressure can't be discharged ordinarily.

Cooker body: The cooking body is set on the base of the United Pressure cooker for steaming sustenances. It additionally holds sustenances, for example, vegetables out of the cooking fluid which permits the cooking of a few distinct nourishments in the meantime with no blending of flavors. When it is attractive to mix flavors, don't utilize the cooking rack.