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  • Posted On : May 04 2021 07:16 pm
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Have you been searching for an induction pressure cooker price or non-stick cooker price? Or you have been looking for a united cooker price, a united cooker 3 litre price or a united pressure cooker 5 litre price? Well, this is a good direction to go in while you decide to buy best pressure cooker online. However, as you have decided to buy pressure cooker online, you might have come across triply cookware as well. Do you know what it is and how is it different from stainless steel? Let’s get along and explore the difference before you buy cooker online.

What is triply cookware?

If you are looking for a pressure cooker online and come across a united cooker, you might get triply cookware options. But do you know what is triply cookware or a triply pressure cooker? Don’t worry if you don’t know, we are here to help.

Triply cookware, often known as three-ply cookware, is made up of different layers of metals that are bonded together. Mostly, the metals bonded together are stainless steel with either copper or aluminium. An anodizing process is applied on the surface to create a third layer making it the triply cookware.

What is stainless steel?

Let’s start with steel now. Steel is not just like any other element. It is an alloy of mostly iron mixed with carbon. Moreover, steel is stronger than iron but has the potential of rusting and corrosion. To eliminate rusting and corrosion, it is mixed with chromium and other elements to make stainless steel.

Therefore, stainless steel is an alloy of steel, chromium and other elements. Chromium makes steel non-reactive by mixing oxygen which immediately forms a later of chromium oxide. This layer prevents oxidation or rusting of iron which is present in stainless steel. Moreover, the amount of chromium used in food-grade stainless steel is different from that used in pipework and industrial use.

Which one is better?

When you buy a united pressure cooker, you might come across a triply as well as a stainless steel pressure cooker. How do you know which is the best?

Well, the answer is simple. Both are good in many ways and come along with several benefits. Picking one of them depends on your cooking requirements, needs and budget as well. However, none of them is harmful. With proper care and usage, you can ensure that they last longer and offer the finest performance at all times.

Until now, while buying cookware, you would have searched for stainless steel pressure cooker 1 litre, stainless steel pressure cooker 3 litre or stainless steel pressure cooker 5 litre. Along with this, you might have also looked for 1 liter pressure cooker price, pressure cooker 2 litre lowest price, 3 litre cooker price and even pressure cooker 5 litre lowest price. However, the next time you decide to buy a pressure cooker, look into triply cookware as well apart from stainless steel and other materials.