Care and Cleaning

Care and Cleaning

1. Do not store food in the pressure cooker when not in use.

2. Clean and dry the cooker after each use. Warm water is recommended for cleaning.

3. Do not wash the lid in a dishwasher

4. Before each use, ensure the cover of the pressure indicator or safety valve is not damaged and it fits well. If there is damage, replace the cover before using the cooker again.

5. After each use, release and clean the anti-clogging nut and the pressure regulator completely. The steam discharging tube and the anti-clogging nut should not be filled or blocked by any substances, such as food residue. When installing the pressure regulator, make sure that it is installed in the correct position.

6. After each use, the safety valve should be examined to ensure it is clean. Clean with hot water if required.

7. After each use, the rubber gasket should be cleaned thoroughly with warm water. It should be installed back in the lid after washing.

8. The rubber gasket will last longer if you place the lid upside down on top of the pressure cooker body after it has been washed.