Important Safeguards

Important Safeguards

When using pressure cookers, basic safety precautions should always be followed :

1. Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles or knobs.

2. Keep children away from the pressure cooker when it is in operation. Close supervision is necessary when the pressure cooker is used.

3. Never place the pressure cooker into the oven or microwave.

4. Move the pressure cooker carefully when in operation. Do not touch the hot surface, as this could result in burns. When the pressure cooker is heated, only touch lift with handles and always use protective gloves. Extreme caution must be used when moving a pressure cooker containing hot liquids.

5. Do not use a pressure cooker for other than intended use. Only use the pressure cooker for the purposes described in these instructions.

6. Do not use the pressure cooker for frying oil.

7. This appliance cooks under pressure. Improper use can lead to burns and scalding. Make sure the pressure cooker is properly closed before operating. See “Operating instructions”.

8. Your United Pressure Cooker is only suitable for use with the following heating sources: gas, electric, halogen, induction. Do not attempt to use other sources.

9. Before using the pressure cooker, check it to make sure the safety mechanisms are not damaged or dirty and valves are not obstructed. Always check the pressure release device for clogging before use. See “operating instructions”.

10. Do not open the pressure cooker until it has cooled and all internal pressure has been released. If the handles are difficult to push apart, this indicates that the cooker is still pressurized – do not force it open. Any pressure in the cooker can be hazardous. For releasing the pressure, please see “Operating Instructions”.

11. Never using the pressure cooker without liquid, as this could result in damage.

Adhere strictly to the following content amounts.
Minimum: 0.26 Qt (1/4 Liter) of liquid.
Maximum: 2/3 of the pressure cooker.
For foods which foam or rise (e.g. rice, legumes, broths, or dried vegetable), do not fill the cooker more than half full. Overfilling may risk clogging the vent pipe and the development of excess pressure.

12. Be aware that certain foods, such as applesauce, cranberries, pearl barley, oatmeal or other cereals, split peas, noodles, macaroni, rhubarb, or spaghetti can foam, froth, and sputter, and may also clog the pressure release device (vent pipe). These foods should not be cooked in United Pressure Cooker.

13. When cooking doughy food, gently shake the cooker before opening the lid to avoid food ejection.

14. If you cook meat with skin or sausage with the casing, which can swell when under pressure, do not pierce the skin as long as it is swollen. This could result in scalding.

15. When the normal operating pressure is reached, turn the heat down so all the liquid, which creates the steam, does not evaporate.

16. The pressure cooker cannot be used for medical purposes, especially for sterilization, as the pressure cooker is not designed to reach the required temperature.

17. Do not alter the safety mechanisms or repair the pressure cooker by yourself. Please contact the store where it was purchased for details.

18. Use only the appropriate United Pressure Cooker replacement parts, to ensure your pressure cooker will function properly and safely.

19. Do not tamper with any of the safety systems beyond the maintenance instructions specified in the instructions for use.