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United Ekta Engineering, an offshoot of United Brothers; promotes the most admired brand “United UCOOK” in Pressure Cooker category. United brought affordable pressure cooker to every household. The legacy of more than six decade, provide the rich experience and the fresh ideas along with the exposure to new technologies provide required courage to bring transformation in the traditional range of products. At United we understand that Pressure Cooker is one basic necessity of every Indian household. Pressure Cooker is the most apt utensil for cooking the various cuisines of Indian subcontinent. Cooking in Pressure Cooker has many advantages, such as:  Faster cooking.  Thus saves energy  Cooked with less water  Thus able to hold on to most of the vitamins and minerals. When we appreciate the advantages of Pressure Cooker, it is also important to highlight the safety concerns. Due to high pressure building in the vessel, it is strongly suggested that the manufacturer follows the high quality parameters while production. ISI: Indian Standard Institute has its strict standard guidelines to comply while Pressure Cooker manufacturing. Quality, trust and the age old experience makes any brand a perfect choice for consumer belief. In-depth understanding of Pressure Cooker, makes United a preferred Brand. The journey started with few sizes of inner lid cookers, today has reached to a level where we have a wide spread of most innovative and latest range of pressure cookers starting from 1 Litre to 32 Litres in Inner lid cookers and upto 40 Litres in outer lid cookers. With the strong will to increase the horizon from traditional Aluminium cookers and to meet out the rising expectations of the Indian consumer, United has ventured out into Hard Anodized and Stainless Steel cookers as well. United Regular is our pioneer and traditionally designed inner lid Pressure Cooker made with high quality wrought Aliminum is now also available in Induction compatible model with the name of United Regular Magic Induction. The new age version of the traditional Aluminium cooker is available for the today’s young consumer. United Silvo, is a beautifully crafted Blobe shaped cooker. Our age long experience and habit of listening consumer problems lead us to design the 1st Hassle Free Pressure cooker CIBO X1. United Cibo X1 is an aluminum cooker with Stainless Steel sturdy Lid. It has Min. & Max. marking on the inner walls and comes with LEAD free safety valve and Screw Less Silicone composite handles. It comes with Induction compatible feature also with the name CIBO X1 Plus. Our new age Stainless Steel cookers have got huge acceptance in the market. United Steeltuff is a inner lid pressure cooker with 304 food grade Stainless Steel body which ensures food safe cooking surface and long life durability. It comes with long lasting, highly durable impact bonded sandwich bottom for induction compatibility. United offers a wide range of Hard Anodized cookers made with highly durable Hard Anodized Aluminum. Hard Anodized body provides high thermal efficiency with healthy, non toxic & non reacting cooking. In this range United has few unique designs, when we have beautifully crafted blobe shape chic looking United Pranzo for a new age consumer at the same time we have Handi shaped United Big Belly for the traditional Indian cooking which requires frequent stirring and roasting (Bhunai). United provides Outer Lid and Induction compatible models for its maximum available designs. United Smart 3 in 1 cooker is perfect product for the new age modular kitchens. This new age Hard Anodizes cooker is meant for multiple usages. Along with regular stainless steel pressure cooker lid, it has additional stainless steel strainer lid, which enables easy straining of hot steamy food and a glass lid which complements the handi shape cooker pot to make it a perfect serving dish on your dining table.
Pressure Cooker
United Pressure cooker one of the best leading pressure cooker brand in India. The company enjoying the market leadership across the country.

Pressure Cooker







Pressure Cooker
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