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Cauldron Sisters Are Crushing Over This New Cauldron From United Pressure Cooker

Cauldron Sisters Are Crushing Over This New Cauldron From United Pressure Cooker

  • Posted On : July 19 2019 04:28 pm
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What’s Cauldron Sisters’ founding statement? That to push your boundaries as a food-expert, one must try using the same ingredients to come up with unique recipes. The enormity of this challenge is something both, Ratzz & Ritzz, enjoy. And it is only through these trial and error activities that we’ve been able to successfully deliver to you some of the most lip-smacking dishes of all times.

Having said that, cooking-duration is another important constraint in our lives as Chefs. Extensive cooking sessions in a (rather hot) kitchen can bring out the worst in any Cook. Can you guess what has been able to sustain us? Apart from our cooking and storing hacks, it’s also the help we get from some of our amazing kitchen gadgets that keep our Witchy-sanity in place.

One such tool we swear by is the United Pressure Cooker and its extensive range that we have in our kitchen from time immemorial. Right from our parents to (Ratzz’s) husband, all of us are fond of this home-brand. Did you know United Ekta Engineering Udyog Pvt. Ltd. (an offshoot of United brothers) was established in 1954? The company first began manufacturing stainless steel products and later, ventured into aluminum pressure cookers under the brand name “United” which became the hallmark and most loved product across India.

Six decades have passed and United’s brilliant quality hasn’t been played with. Their latest extension is called UCOOK that has a wide range of pressure cookers and other cooking tools. But what we’re crushing over these days is their new Cibo X1 pressure cooker that reminds us of our childhood days. You ask, why?


One look at it and you are sure to travel down the memory lane. With an aluminum body, the new Cibo X1 looks exactly like the old classic pressure cookers from the ’70s and ’80s, but with a modern mechanism.

It has an aluminum body, stainless steel lid, and silicone handles that are locked together just like the old way.

We think the unbreakable & screwless Silicone handles of CIBO X1 make this pressure cooker a win-win deal for the Indian kitchens where the drama is generally bigger! *laughs*

Also, can the comeback of stainless steel lid get the brownie points for always giving our pressure cookers a longer life and sturdiness?

When we brought our CIBO X1 home over the last weekend, we prepared everyone’s favorite Rajma Chawal in it. Looks delicious, na?

Next, we’re excited to do some one-pot meals using it. If you’re a beginner, try with simple recipes that require boiled food items in it, for example, a green potato salad. Both lentil grains and potatoes can be cooked within a few moments if you choose a pressure cooker. Soft cooked ramens and rice can also be done in this magic-vessel.

But you should know that your CIBO X1’s rice setting does a lot more than just cook one type of grain. Try quinoa, for example, that can be used in a variety of healthy recipes. And let’s not forget the soups, please. Different vegetables, beans, tomatoes, lemon, fresh parsley – just throw them all in it and voila!

Sigh, pressure cooker cooking is such a typical cooking method in India. We’re glad United decided to bring the joy back into our lives. We promise to do more of cooker-recipes on the blog for all of you!