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Featured by United Pressure Cooker Business Connect Magazine

Featured by United Pressure Cooker Business Connect Magazine

  • Posted On : August 03 2019 04:32 pm
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The old ones sing, the young ones whistle – United Cooker

You cannot drink and whistle at the same time, but you can whistle then eat your favourite food. Indians always love to travel with their families, and they will bring along everything including the kitchen and cooking utensils. All your serving utensils are measured smart but there is one obvious most required utensil among it – Presser Cooker. It is not really beautiful, but without it, life seems impossible. We live in a technology of fast life where Steadiness is the option of tracking what to eating and how fast it is being prepared.

United Ekta Engineering Udyog Pvt. Ltd. which is a very famous and well-renowned name among Cooker family is an offshoot with the name of “United Cooker” in the Global market. United brothers which were established in 1954, started as a company, which manufacture and market the stainless steel products. Later they ventured their business into aluminium pressure cookers under the brand name “United” which became the traditional cookware, and hallmark product to established itself among the top three brands of pressure cookers in Indian market and worldwide.

The genesis of United Cooker lies in bringing transformation through modernization and innovation to the traditional setup. They always brought fresh ideas, products, and new technology to the forefront and they rule the legacy of more than six decades in providing the rich experience of utensils.

The new venture gave them a strong impetus to the overall business and market scenario. As they positively establish the new brand - UCOOK in the market with a promise of “Ummeed se Zyaada”.

When in doubt, choose change.

All great changes are preceded by changing with the time and adopting technologies ongoing. United brought the affordable pressure cooker to every household and in the long run, became a basic necessity for culture. The journey which they started with the few sizes of inner lid cookers is now reached to a next level, where they have a wide spread of most innovative and latest technology range of cookers. These are starting from 1 Litre to 32 Litres in Inner lid cookers and goes up to 40 Litres in outer lid cookers. Their few such innovative products are:

  1. Smart cooker(3 in 1 cooker)
  2. Cibo- x1 and Steel tuff

Emerging Markets are Hugely Important

The capitalizing is one core strengths and knowledge for companies and entrepreneurs and it can be engaged in an emerging business model that will enable them to create, demonstrate the real, sustainable, and social impact in society.

Yes, with the emerging market many new players are entering in cooker market as well. But the consumers are very conscious for their brand and loyalty in this particular product category due to high safety concerns attached. Some of the Newcomers will take a long time to earn this kind of trust of the consumers. This is the plus point of their loyalty over quality for the customers.


Be different, stand out, and work hard

The genesis of United Cooker lies in bringing the transformation through modernization and innovation to the traditional setup. United Cooker brought fresh ideas, products, and new technology to the forefront and the legacy of more than six-decade provided the rich experience to their customers. Their latest Products are:

Cibo X-1:      

  • Stainless Steel lid: long life & sturdy
  • Lead-free Safety Valve: for healthy cooking
  • Inner Marking: for enhanced safety
  • Silicone Handles:  Screw-less & unbreakable


A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. In 1954, when free INDIA was finding its feet, United Family laid the foundation of their first manufacturing unit with the great idea to get established in the market and to sustain for eternity. They understand the need of the market and responsibility towards society. This philosophy gives them the strength to take this tough decision at that time, to manufacture their own products and on the other hand create employment to contribute to the Indian economy.

  1. What is that one learning passed on that is carried from the struggling days?
  2. How do you ensure unbreakable faith of clients in your company?

Therefore, by constant improvement in the product range; after sales service and by ensuring the quality standards. They are successful in ensuring the unbreakable faith of clients in your company.

Path to target: client

They always want to reach out to every household of India with perfect services. And to fulfill this quest, they use vivid ways of marketing to target the clients. When they do their newspaper advertisements, in the local Hindi bulletins, then they reach out to the tier 2 to tier 3 markets consumers. At the same time when they use social media for the metro city consumers, they get a wide range of market exposure of clients.

To reach a target, you must never see it as unreachable!

They were the pioneers of TVC in this category, back in the 1970’s. The key to success for them is to keep a constant touch with their consumer and keep your quality constant.


Research is creating new knowledge.

Research is a formalized curiosity towards development. It is always poking and prying with a purpose. R&D is the key to its growth. They always believe that the biggest competition for them is that they need to improve themselves at every moment.

Technology has evolved the Indian consumer space to a large extent and to cope up with the increasing expectations of clients they need to keep improving the product line. They have a set of talented designers and technicians, who are working regularly to provide them a new and improved range of product line. 


Competitive race – Healthy Competition

This immerging market has a huge competition and yes healthy competition is good. Their answer to this question is enough to explain that they can survive in this competitive world with the adaptation of new technology and constant improvement.

They believe correct people and product both are equally important for business growth. So they invest in their employees the same way, they invest in their product. They have employee engagement plans at various levels and different incentive plans to keep them motivated. They also keep organizing the different training programs to ensure the correct knowledge transfer.