United group which was established in 1954 has its genesis at a time when India was just developing its industrial strength post the independence under the leadership of the new government of Free India. At a time when the new India was just finding its feet united group was among those pioneering business houses that built manufacturing as their core strength. At a time when there was an immense need to provide employment to the local population and manufacturing needed lot of patience and hard work, the promoters of United took the tough decision of making their own products and offering them at a price that won the heart of the Indian consumers especially the Indian home maker.  United pressure cooker brought affordable cookers to every household. United pressure cooker became an iconic product and it became a “must have" for every new household. United pressure cooker presented a safe and economic option to the Indian house hold.    It was important to give "value" to the Indian consumer and United held on to this promise. United pressure cooker kept on improving on quality and technology and at the same time kept the price under check. This was possible only because of in-house research and development as well as a fully fledged manufacturing facility. The promoters invested a huge amount of time and money in developing these facilities. They believe in providing top of the line products at affordable price to Indian consumers. The cookers have been accredited by ISI etc. United pressure cooker is also serving the Indian armed forces through the CSD canteens.    United has been constantly increasing the width of their offerings and has added more technology products, we now have induction cookers, anodized cookers and outer lid cookers in our portfolio. United will continue to improve the offering in terms of quality, width and technology.  

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